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I have had the pleasure of working with LikeMind, standout recruiters in the Microsoft Dynamics space, and I can confidently say that they bring a fresh perspective to the world of talent acquisition. Not only are they exceptionally skilled at what they do, but their genuine passion for the tech industry and commitment to helping professionals succeed make them an invaluable asset for anyone seeking new opportunities and/or finding great candidates.

Dennis MulderChief Technology Officer at Microsoft Netherlands

We are LikeMind Recruitment

LikeMind is a Software Development & Microsoft Technology specialist Recruitment Partner that focuses purely on helping European-based tech and consulting companies through challenging times such as Hypergrowth, Greenfield projects, Start Ups, building “game-changing” new features, and stealth mode projects.

Using advanced online and offline recruitment techniques to help tap into local development pools of talent near you. Whilst also providing relevant talent from other countries in Europe and further afield.

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LikeMind are proud sponsors of the Sophie G Fund via Basildon MIND Charity.

This fund facility offers immediate one-to-one counselling for young people in crisis, and on many occasions, LikeMind has helped sponsor local events.